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Quantum Physics

A chemical reaction, or Quantum Physics An attraction, or merely a belief? Reality or Perception it is? Vanity Deep Sorrow Endless hope or Life it is? Music it is, Conversation it is, Subtle nod it is, The ocean wave it is…. Continue Reading →

Product Management Still a Debate?

Product Management has been a functional role for more than a decade now and Product led companies like LinkedIn, Google and Facebook are well recognized for their success stories. Off late though I have witnessed debates like “Sales sells and engineers… Continue Reading →

Product Management

Japan – most ancient modern country

Bushido: The Soul of Japan (1900)”. I heard Junichi Endo express his desire to see Japan Rewire as he reflected on the decrease in Japanese representation in Wharton (1 student in 2015), a steep decline from an impressive 50 in… Continue Reading →


How far do you choose to fly?

My daughter loves to dance. When she was in kindergarten she performed a self-choreographed routine in her school’s Talent Show. It was a long one and after a couple of minutes I saw parents starting to stand as they started… Continue Reading →

What really matters

Sometimes I feel utterly confused and unclear about what I really want from life. It might have something to do with the major personality flaw I am sure I suffer with … when alone the simplest of things give me… Continue Reading →

Equality or Balance ?

A friend asked me recently if I believe in Equality or balance. “Balance” I immediately answered back. But found myself pondering about his question for days and scribbled something on a piece of paper. Don’t think I have the complete… Continue Reading →