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Mom Google isn’t listening to me.

I was preparing breakfast when my daughter complaint “Mommy Google is not listening to me. HE is annoying me…” My elder daughter was already on the breakfast table. Confused, I asked “Who?” as I entered her room. “Google” she yelled…. Continue Reading →

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“Simple” an obsession that moves mountains

Recently reread the book “Insanely Simple – The obsession that drives Apple’s Success by Ken Segall”. A book that has been my guiding force in making many decisions specially in building products and businesses. Here are some nuggets in case… Continue Reading →

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How Gandhi Negotiated Independence

Gandhi was the figurehead for Indian nationalism and employed non-violent method called “Satyagraha” in pursuit of his goals. It is said that the negotiations for India’s independence started with “The Gandhi-Irwin Pact”; which gradually led to greater negotiation between the… Continue Reading →

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