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The Wharton Warriors & Intrepid INSEAD in China

China – a controlled country housing millions of content countrymen striving for continuous growth. A country with beliefs; where an army of life size terracotta warriors accompanied Emperor Qin into immortality. A country of creative courage; where once dividing inter-province… Continue Reading →


How Gandhi Negotiated Independence

Gandhi was the figurehead for Indian nationalism and employed non-violent method called “Satyagraha” in pursuit of his goals. It is said that the negotiations for India’s independence started with “The Gandhi-Irwin Pact”; which gradually led to greater negotiation between the… Continue Reading →

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Japan – most ancient modern country

Bushido: The Soul of Japan (1900)”. I heard Junichi Endo express his desire to see Japan Rewire as he reflected on the decrease in Japanese representation in Wharton (1 student in 2015), a steep decline from an impressive 50 in… Continue Reading →