Dear Friend,

Hope you are doing well. I just woke up from a sad dream under the influence of high fever …saw you in my dreams again and in my numbness am writing to you. Hopefully this will make some sense.

I know you are hurt somewhere…its been years since we talked. I understand I may have given you a reason or two to be angry with me. Though in spite of thinking hard over the years, I, in my ignorance fail to realize any huge mistakes I might have made knowingly that could have taken you so far away from me.

I don’t know …if it involves the doing of others, I don’t know if it is things I said. What ever it is, it just doesn’t feel fair. To you or to me. Cause it hurts bad….

All I know, is that I imagine us fighting some day, you scolding me or me teasing you. I imagine we are friends again.

All I have learnt, is that we grow with our experiences, with every joy we cherish, every memory we preserve and every suffering we prevail. I have grown up since.….perhaps we can talk?.

All I want, is that you be with me when I am on my death bed and for that to happen I have to start trying again now. This is take three and I am trying again.

Will you help me?
Your friend (hopefully)


A week later…the phone rang 🙂